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Recently I got an instant pot and I am swooning over how easy it has made my life! If your FB friends with me I have been posting all about it, recipes I have tried and of course I named it Jolene. I have a pinterest board where I have been pining away and collecting recipes to try.  I have done tons of soups, eggs ( if you haven’t tried this in your Ip[ do it!, seriously  the easiest way to boil eggs, and super easy to peel  ) roast, bone broth, chicken, mac and cheese, even spaghetti and meatballs!  Basically anything you can cook in your crock pot you can cook in the instant pot. ( you just need at least one cup of liquid) There are lots of FB IP groups to join as well!  I spent some time researching on pinterest and talking to other FB mamas about what the benefits were and after like half my friends got one and started raving about it I decided to take the leap! At first I got the 6 qt one off amazon ( they go on sale every few weeks) and it was fine but there were times when I needed to make a lot and it wasn’t holding all my ingredients. So a friends mom offered to buy my 6 qt so I could upgrade to the 8 qt! Score! So enjoying Jolene 2.0.

Also- Any of your kids act this crazy at the supermarket?

click here for The Instant pot I have


I plan to post some pics of my instant pot adventures on this page, videos, how to’s ect. Please share with me you favorite Instant pot Recipes! check out my pinterest board below!

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