FULLY FUNDED! and HOW that happened!

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I can’t believe it but then Yet I can- Cause God kept his promise. HE PROVIDED!

HE provided in many many ways.

I wanted to List ALL The ways God provided, all the fundraisers we held, and the grants we received. In hopes that someone reading this who is ONLY Held back from adopting because of lack of funds. Which I know is the number one  reason why most people don’t adopt. I truly understand it can be a scary place to be, to step out in faith that God will provide is not something the world does or looks on as a “normal” thing. I get that. But there are sooooo many ways God can provide.

From the beginning of this process I felt like God was telling to me to work hard, do everything I can to get my boy home and not only would he bless my efforts but he would show us a side of him we had never seen. NEVER did I think we would come out the other side with a humbling reverence for HOW GREAT OUR GOD REALLY IS. HE Is so so good ya’ll. And I can say that he is not only good during the times of blessings but he is GOOD in times of trials and times where you don’t know if the money for the next payment will be there in time. There were several times I let doubt and fear take place when we were creeping up on a payment deadline, but GOD provided every time. RIGHT ON TIME.

For those who don’t know the adoption process can take anywhere from 9 months to over a year. ( for china, china seems to be the quickest out of all the countries) The total amount isn’t due all at once. The payments come anywhere from weeks apart to maybe a month gap between payments. There are USCIS Fees ( our U.S. Immigration) home study fees, agency fees, dossier fees, notary fees, apostille seal fees, fingerprint fees, background check fees, travel expenses, flights, and orphanage donations ( required, and this is so needed to help keep the orphanage’s running and proved necessary supplies for the kids) I am SURE I have missed several fees- but thats just to give you an idea of where all the money goes. Our paperwork and approvals have been through countless hands by now- every set of hands represents a person at a job. So when you think of it this way, when you break it down. I think it gives people a better understanding of WHY international adoption is so costly. BUT you know what? its a drop in the bucket compared to a child’s life. Of course I wish it were less money- but no amount of money is going to stop any of us from getting our children right?  One thing adoptive parents hear a lot of is that we are “buying” our children. That could not be further from the truth. The journey to these children is filled with red tape and steps, and yes those all cost money. But being a believer, being a daughter of the King-I know the heart of Jesus bleeds for these children, and yea the world has but a lot of road blocks and obstacles in the way to get to these precious kids. BUT God tells us to care for the orphan, HE commands it. In ANY  way you can. For those who choose to care for the orphan by adoption- I truly believe he blesses, and he carries, and he gets US to our children no matter what the World may put in our way. Doesn’t mean their aren’t attacks during the way.  Gosh we have had more car trouble, more things break in the house, more obstacles thrown at us during this process than ever before and every time God wins, God showed us his provision, and HIS goodness! How I could go on and on.


So i listed all our Fundraisers below. Just to give you and idea of what it took to get this sweet baby boy home. Not only that- but with each fundraiser God increased our faith, and He surrounded us with the best supporters in the World. Still amazes me how so many of you bought from our fundraisers time and time again. without hesitation. Amazing. We cannot thank you enough but we can pray that each and every one of you are blessed 10 fold. Please know that when you purchase something from a family fundraising your not only helping them financially, your encouraging their hearts, your playing a part in the commandment from God to care for the orphan. Humbled by everyones kindness, giving spirits and just over all amazed at how so many have come along side of us during this journey.


Here are the fundraisers we did the past 9 months!



144 envelope campaign


Jade tassel bracelet with donation of 75$ or more

Thailand PomPom Bracelet

Thailand PomPom Bracelet


I love my Tribe T shirts


dolls of the world


Baba day shirts


Wo ai Ni shirts


Tote bag sale


a dear sweet and talented friend hosted an art show on instagram for us


another sweet adoptive momma hosted a bag and purse sale on fb for another china momma and I

my life song store soap

Homemade soap we cut, packaged and sold


tons of shirt, kids and adults



another china momma passed these wonderful travel cards on to me to sell.


we had a huge online auction- all items donated!


I had 3 mega tassel necklace sales- these by far were our biggest fundraiser. Think I made well over 220 necklaces. Loved making these.


sold tickets for a raffle to win a ergo!


we held a yard sale in the spring!


Raffle for instant camera

Now on to GRANTS! adoption grants are a wonderful way to help adopting families complete their adoptions. There are so many ministries and organizations who’s primary goal is to get these children home. Grants are of course very very time consuming. You need copies of your home study, break downs of your finances, questions for both mom and dad, your adoption story, your tax return, pictures, sometimes your testimony, a lot of times a referral from your pastor ( thanks Spencer for your referral!) and most always several referral letters form friends.

I took this on like a job- and for a month our dinning room table was turned into “Grant central”. I categorized  and filed out forms and worked hard to get over 15 grant applications finished and sent out.  YEP 15! cause you never know. sometimes the season the ministry is in they may have a lot of money to grant people or they may have very little. Or they are looking for certain families to grant money to first. They all have different requirements and at any given season they could have a overwhelming amount of applications and can only grant to half of those. You just don’t ever know- So I figured I would fill out as many as I could and hope and pray for the best.

Below is a list of the Grants we received. AMAZED at how he provided thru grants- these orgizations have been wonderful to work with and so so kind to our family. Two of  our biggest grants were state  specifically  ( meaning you have to live in the state of Georgia to apply)


Forever Families http://www.4everfamiliesfoundation.org/

Sowing Roots http://www.sowingroots.org/

Chosen for life ( Georgia specific) http://chosenforlifeathens.com/

Promise 686 ( Georgia specific, matching grant) https://promise686.org/adoption-grants/

Families Outreach http://familiesoutreach.org/adoption-grant-program/

Lifesong for Orphans ( matching grant) http://www.lifesongfororphans.org/adoption-funding/adoption-grants/


Grants provided HALF OF our adoption cost! amazing! 20,000 in grants!!!!!( two of those were matching grants where we had to raise half) Our fundraisers and donations provided the rest! 

So with the help of support through our fundraisers, checks showing up in our mailbox through out our whole process, and grants we Are FULLY FUNDED! amazing! JUST AMAZING!!!!!!

That last Tassel necklace sale finally put us at our Goal! TWO WEEKS BEFORE TRAVEL! Isn’t God always right on time?!

So that’t it ya’ll. Is it hard work? Yea- its been very consuming. Is it worth it? YEP! Always


So I will working on additional post with our travel plans and how this adoption trip will play out but for now I hope that those who are thinking, praying, feeling as if maybe God has laid Adoption on you heart- will be encouraged that it can happen. God id faithful and He is ALWAYS ALWAYS GOOD! all you need to do is say yes. Leave the rest up to him. 🙂


Philippians 4:19

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


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    My name is Breclyn and a friend referred me to your blog! My husband and I are fundraising for our adoption, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about fundraising. Our email address is: bringinglonglonghome@gmail.com. Thank you so, so much!


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